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Legal Counsel

Legal counsel for community associations is a necessity. Whatever the challenge, the attorneys at Kriger Law Firm, APC are knowledgeable in all aspects of the common interest development laws, and experienced in providing practical advice and meeting the unique needs of each and every one of its clients.

The various statutes and case law pertaining to community associations is vast and oftentimes perplexing.  The California Courts and Legislature add to this volume on a yearly basis. Utilizing the services of legal counsel provides community associations with the resources they need to meet the stringent requirements of the law.  Kriger Law Firm, APC represents almost exclusively community associations which are usually incorporated through the California Secretary of State, and are invariably subject to both the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act and California Corporations Code. The firm's attorneys are active in industry organizations throughout Southern California, such as the Community Associations Institute, CAI (in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles Counties), and the statewide California Association of Community Managers, CACM, publishing articles, participating as members of committees, and taking part in educational programs both as speakers and attendees.

As general counsel, the firm's attorneys assist the firm's clients in diverse legal situations involving the drafting or review of vendor contracts, real property issues such as easements and property lines, revising and supplementing governing documents, enforcing the governing documents through member discipline or litigation, attending to elections and board member recalls, addressing mold, water intrusion and other physical deficiencies, and counseling its clients on employment and related operational matters.  The firm's philosophy is to apply experience and legal expertise to both extraordinary and everyday circumstances (such as parking and towing) in either informal or formal settings as the needs of the client or circumstances may dictate, to achieve a satisfactory, efficient, and effective resolution for all concerned.


Kriger Law Firm is committed to answering your questions about Community Association General Counsel, Governing Document Revisions, Alternative Dispute Resolution, CC & R Enforcement Litigation, and Common Interest Development law issues in California.

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